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disneyorgy's Journal

disney orgy
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Disney Fanfiction.

▫ Everything must be Disney related, that's a no brainer.
▫ All fan-fictions must be at least PG-13 or up, or else we will delete it. If your story is eventually going to be PG-13 or up, that is fine as well.
▫ Make sure to post under a cut. It's annoying when it makes our pages scroll.
▫ Please use tags when you post. We will provide the tags, just do your part to use them! If somebody is missing, let us know and we'll add to it.
▫ There will be a request post that everyone will be allowed to participate in. If you are lacking creativity, maybe try looking in there to see what other people are interested in reading.
▫ Stories with more than 6 chapters will not be allowed, unless you talk to a mod first.
▫ Keep the drama in the stories, other wise it will not be tollerated.
▫ Before you cut tag, have a brief summary and rating of the story, including your name.
▫ Pimping for other communities that are disney related must be approved by a moderator first!
▫ Be supportive of other writers and have fun!

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